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Beach Buggy Rentals

Renting a Beach Buggy in Port Aransas.

Renting a beach buggy in Port Aransas could not be any easier! All you need is your driver’s license, as well as a copy of your car insurance, and we’ll get you on your way quickly.

Our Beach Buggies

Texas Red Golf Carts & More rents brand-new 2017, gas-powered beach buggies from E-Z-Go, the leader in leisure beach buggies. To accommodate our renters, we offer two different models: the 4 Seat Cruiser, and the 6 Seat Cruiser.

Four Seat Cruiser

4 Seat Cruiser

4 Seat Cruiser

No matter if you’re a couple going out to explore the beach, or a small group of buddies seeking to enjoy the sun and surf, our Four Seat Cruiser is the perfect rental Port Aransas beach buggy. All of our brand new buggies have blinkers, windshields and seat belts for safety. Baby seats can also be attached to all of carts to provide the best safety for little ones. Our two-tone seats, chrome wheels, and great suspension and tires give you the utmost freedom to roam!

Six Seat Cruiser

6 Seat Cruiser

6 Seat Cruiser

For larger groups — such as extended families, a group of college buddies down at the beach for the weekend, or a summer vacationing family — the Six Seat Cruiser provides room for up to 6 passengers; complete with four forward-facing seats and two facing back. With a larger chassis and tuned suspension, you’ll always have a comfortable ride. All of our brand beach buggies have blinkers, windshields and seat belts to insure your safety. Baby seats may also be attached to all carts to provide safety for your little ones.

Rental Rates

  • Rentals Hours

  • 2 Hours
  • 3 Hours
  • 4 Hours
  • 6 Hours
  • 8 Hours
  • 12 Hours
  • 24 Hours
  • 4 Seat Cruiser

  • 4

    passenger cart

  • $55
  • $68
  • $80
  • $100
  • $120
  • $140
  • $160
  • 6 Seat Cruiser

  • 6

    passenger cart

  • $70
  • $85
  • $100
  • $120
  • $140
  • $160
  • $180
Special multiple day rates are available. Contact us for more information.

Policies for Renting a Beach Buggy

  • All rates shown do not included sales taxes, which will be added to your rental.
  • Minimum age for renting a beach buggy is 18 years old.
  • You must present a valid driver’s license and a copy of your auto insurance policy at time of rental.
  • If you have any problems while out on the road, please call us  contact Texas Red Golf Carts and we will help you.
  • Please stay at least 50 feet away from the water while on the beach
  • Please do not drive on the sand dunes.  They are protected by the State of Texas.  There are also rattlesnakes in them so it’s not a good idea to play around in there!

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